Why Does Heterophobia Exist

The thing is: before people even dare to ask that question, they should ask ourselves what good things did people do to the LGBT community. Liza Minelli and Lady Gaga are the ray of sane anti-homophobic light in this mad homophobic world. I don’t want to have anything in common with homophobes, and fight against anti-LGBT moods in the world.

Wake-up Call: Stop This Homophobic Insanity

The most tragic thing about homophobia is that teenage homosexuals commit suicide, because of their homophobic parents and school bullying. Stop this irrational anti-LGB behavior! Are you really going to hate your beloved kid for not being heterosexual? Because, if your kid will find out that she/he won’t be accepted by you if he/she comes out to you, he/she will have terrible sufferings. Is that what you’d like for your kid - have a life indoors which is as hard as the life at school, outdoors?